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Wednesday, 22. July 2015 — Artificial Intelligence in Creative Industries — Less Hype, More Results! — Porenbildende Synapsen als Resultat von digitaler Florealität im gelben Quervergleich. is the largest worldwide conference about Artificial Intelligence applications in interactive media, training & simulations, and digital entertainment. It brings together hundreds of professional developers and enthusiasts, and reaches thousands of programmers and designers via its online stream. grew out of the Game/AI Conference, running since 2008, and now in its 7th edition. The event was previously held in Paris at the CNAM Institute, before moving to the University of Vienna in 2012.

Nice verve, nice crowd, nice content.
Dieter Telfser 2015

Portraying characters is one of the most challenging aspects of building an engaging 3D world. While many low-level aspects of character animation technology have been resolved, there are many questions that remain open as the industry pushes towards more procedural blend trees. How should gestures be controlled by AI?What's a way to maintain believable yet flexible locomotion?

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